How the Design Front Porch Columns


Front porch columns – Whether you add a veranda and columns to your home or replace existing columns with new ones, your basic design needs to complement your home’s architectural style. For example, a rustic home can have coarse columns, but such columns would be in place at a Victorian home. Founders will blend in with a variety of styles, but you still have some design decisions to make.

How the design front porch columns. Measure the height required for your column. It must reach from the veranda to the roof. Select a diameter for your gap. Columns can be thin or thick. Usually they are more decorative than functional, which gives you the opportunity according to your wishes. Select a size that will not overload the veranda but will not be displayed too thin or too small. As a rule of thumb, the higher the ceiling and the larger the veranda, the thicker the column may be.

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Then to the design front porch columns. Select a crown and base shape for your column. Typically, the crown and base are square, but they can also be round. Also choose a thickness for the crown and the base. This thickness will be a part of the total height of the column. The crown and base need not be the same thickness. Some people prefer a shallow base with a thick ornate crown. Others have a thin crown and a thick base. The base can also be a block 2 meters high with the column rising above it. Design according to your taste. Select a material for your column. Columns can be of wood, laminate, vinyl or even like square front porch columns of bricks to match your home. Draw your design and take it to a custom column builder.

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