Great Sun Porch Window Treatments


Sun porch window treatments Рare an ideal solution for those who want a shaded and error-free space for their home. Investigated in or glazed, an enclosed patio adds valuable square meters to your home and brings lots of light. Window treatments are useful for filtering or blocking sunlight as well as creating intimacy in a not-so-private landscape. Fabrics treated for protection from the sun make these window treatments the last longest use.

Your enclosed porch can serve as a sleeping porch. These spaces that originated around the turn of the twentieth century because of the prevailing belief was that fresh air helped to relieve the symptoms of tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. If your enclosed patio serves as a bedroom, line the top of each open space with wooden curtains and hang weather-resistant curtains with washers or tops. They form a constant flow of curtains over all the open space to make during the day to sleep a possibility. Sun porch window treatments give you a natural feel to your fall decor. Bamboo blinds, linen, roller shutter blinds, mosquito nets, unbleached muslin and natural wood plantation shutters are a good choice. Straight fabric panels with roping lends a soft but natural feel to your windows.

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Decorate sun porch window treatments to keep the light pouring while adding a frame to your view of the fall. Hang a simple one-two-foot hanging cloth or painted a decorative wooden valance that is custom-made to frame the windows. Sew a fabric cover for the valance frame, or cover with bark and twig designs for a rustic style. Use red curtains on a heavy silk or velvet cloth in drawing bars through a wide window in the patio section that sticks out more in the patio. Draw window treatments like stage curtains to reveal the view of your backyard landscape.


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