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Sun porch – The sun entrance hall is sometimes ignored by homeowners and used as a storage room. Other homeowners take full advantage of the extra space and create cozy living rooms out of their sun entrance. The sun entrance is seasonal rooms, however, and careful consideration must be taken when decorating them. Allows for varying degrees of temperature when choosing what goes into the living room will allow you to enjoy your sun porch for years to come.

Choosing the right window treatments for your son’s porch depends in part on how you want to use the porch and where you live. In many climates, the sun porch can be used year-round as a living room. In others, it may get too cold or even too hot for full use. Right window treatments can go a long way in extending the life of the items in the room as well as allowing you to use the room more often than not. To cut sunlight, use opaque shades that dim the space but still allow light and breezes to enter. If you want to use as much sunlight into the room as possible, choose clean, airy curtain panels and leave them open. High quality wood ribbed blinds work well to completely expose sunlight but can be opened to light when necessary.

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The sun porch tend to have unfinished floors. If the floor is concrete, the easiest way to decorate it is to paint it. You can also place an all-weather blanket on top of the concrete. Wooden sun porch floors can be stained or renovated to remove splints. Avoid carpeting your sun porch. Not only will the carpet fade in sunlight, but it will worsen the homely appearance of the sun porch. In addition, many sun inlet parties are not waterproof. The carpets can easily shape in such situations.


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