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Screened in porch design – Screened porches are a nice complement to a home, providing an outdoor living space that allows you to enjoy fresh air without having to deal with bugs. If you have a rooftop veranda, attach it and have a screened porch quite easily. All you need are some basic tools, accessories and some help from another individual. Measure the length of the veranda and cut 2 of 4 to fit this length. Average of 2-of-4 for the roof above. Also reduce 1-inch-wide wood strips to the same measure for later use. Measure the sides of the veranda, taking into account that there will be a board attached to the front of the porch. Cut 2-of-4 to fit both sides, as well as the ceiling above.

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Screened in porch design, paint the cut boards to your color selection and allow them to dry. It’s easier to paint them before installing them. You can paint them out on the yard and do not have to worry about games on the porch. Lay the floor boards down on their 4-inch sides all the way around the sides and front of the veranda. Drill them into the floor with 3-inch screws. If the floor is of concrete, use masonry screws and a bore hammer. Attach the roof boards the roof in the same way, unravel them with the boards below. A laser can help you find the position to attach them to the ceiling.

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Screened in porch design, measure the distance between the upper and lower boards. Cut more 2-of-4 to this measurement and paint them. You need one at each end where shielded walls meet house wall, one for each side of any porch posts, and others distributed each 3 feet along the walls. Paint them and allow them to dry before installing. Insert boards between the upper and lower boards. Measure along the wall every 3 feet for placement. This measurement may be adjusted if necessary. For example, if you have a wall that is 5 feet between the end studs, you can halve the distance and have a board of 2 1/2 feet.

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