Extend Roof Over Porch Plan Ideas


Extend roof over porch – The shape of porch roof and the quality of the roof covering materials used are important for sidewalk appeal. Several changes in the actual ceiling, like adding windows or creating new roof angles, can all improve the overall design of the house. Wasted space in the attic can be a great bonus for building rooms or storage. You can use this wasted space to raise the ceilings down, expand them up somehow. Take a good look at several possibilities before designing the new attic space. Look for additional living or storage space through your roof design. A frame roof on a front porch can be extended to the curb to cover a new glass room. Look in the attic to see if there is room to add an extra room in the house or garage. Find out if the storage space in the attic is available under eaves areas as well.

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Extend roof over porch, view of various ways to expand the floor base of the porch. Build an extended wooden deck at one end, for example. Build a 10-square-foot concrete deck as another option. Create a couple of separate deck levels if the porch is a space in the backyard of considerable size. Go for more ideas to create a roof area of ​​the large porch. Find a way to extend a few foot porch roofs, or buy an awning that connects directly to the house. Buy lawn umbrellas or build a wooden lattice to give shade as other options.

Extend roof over porch, design wooden or concrete floors to support garden furniture. Cover a concrete porch space expanded with porcelain tiles, for example. Use the gray tile all over the concrete floor and install an outdoor sofa and two side chairs. From furniture storage under a large awning next to the house during extreme weather.

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