Enclosed Front Porch Ideas in the Cottage Style


Enclosed front porch ideas – give you a way to enjoy the sunshine in all seasons. With large windows to let in the beautiful scenery at the same time, the elements can serve as a sunroom for your home. People will visit, eat, read, have tea or just relax in this warm and inviting room. Cabin-style decorating, with its relaxed, comfortable style, will make this place especially cozy and inviting. Add color and life to the tram by choosing bright, cheerful patterns for furniture, blankets, pillows, and other items. For a porch in English cottage style, choose a mix of patterns, such as flower prints and checks or stripes. For a romantic-style porch, focus on light pink and red flower patterns. For French country house style, choose rich, bold colors. See Cottage Home Decorating, below, for examples of these styles and more. Choose your favorite style before you start decorating, or develop a clear idea of ​​how to mix different styles.

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Choose antique furniture for a charming and comfortable feeling. A rocking chair is an excellent choice for bringing old-world charm to your porch. Choose bright woods or white painted furniture for a bright, cheerful look. You can also paint wooden furniture with style decorative paint, using simple brush strokes to create decorative trim or images. Create a transition zone between outside and inside the enclosed front porch ideas. Work in elements from nature, like a birdbath, mossy garden decorations and lots of plants, such as Better Homes and Gardens suggests. An eclectic selection of these outdoor items fits the cabin style perfectly, adding lunchtime charm to the room. Wicker furniture also provides a touch of outdoor, which provides an alternative to antiques.

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Decorate enclosed front porch ideas with add flowers. Similarly, place flowers in vases or other containers, like large coffee cups, and put them on the table, window frames and shelves. Tole-styled hand painted boxes also makes great vases for a cozy cabin porch. Plant flowers and bushes around the outside of the porch too, to give it a warm feeling and add beautiful scenery.


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