Design Best Porch Roof


Porch roof – A well-planned porch ceiling should add curb appeal to all homes. Although the porch is on the back or on the side of your home, the design will affect the overall look of the house. Take the time to plan the best roof rails, materials and porch lighting for a good result. Creating a porch roof that is too easily can damage the overall look of the house. Keep in mind that the porch roof should see the original for house building.

Draw your home design on a sketchbook. Sketch the house from several angles to experiment with different porch roof constructions. Create a porch with a hip ceiling, for example, if the house also has a hip ceiling with sloping sides. Include porch posts, rails and plant containers so the drawings will reflect the exact outcome you desire. Transfer all drawings to draw paper to fine-tune. Use a box to represent four inches of real space, for example. Calculate the roof length, width and depth in relation to windows, doorways and dimensions of a chimney. Create a veranda ceiling that fits harmoniously with the size of the house, not getting too big or small.

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Create an over hanged space that blends with the house overhang. Design these areas to fit perfectly with existing overhangs, so the veranda roof sees the original for house building. Plan to enclose soffit areas that match this space under the house roof foot. Sketch gutters, plumbing and splash blocks to look harmonious with what is in place on the house as well. Determine the roof covering material. Use copper metal to contrast with a dark gray asphalt ceiling on a brick home, for example. Installing cedar shakes only on the porch ceiling, as another option. Use another porch roof material from the front of the house roof, if the porch is at the front of the house. Design lighting before starting construction.

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