Decorate a 3 Season Porch Windows


3 season porch windows – Whether your porch has a window or ten, dressing them up is essential. Porch increases the value of your property. The terraces must be as comfortable and stylish as the rest of the home. Dressing up your windows is one of the best ways to add style and beauty to your terrace. Measure your 3 season porch windows, as often windows that look alike vary in size. Measure when more and write down your measurements on paper. Buy or make curtains for your windows. Curtains can be made by sewing the top edge of the plates. For damp areas use outdoor decor fabric these substances resist mold and mildew damage. Buy enough fabric to double or triple the width of the window measurements. Buy curtain sticks to coordinate with your decor. Depending on the style bar you bought, hang your curtains using hooks, rings or slide bars through the fabric pocket.

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Decorate a 3 season porch windows with blinds. Measure your windows. There are two styles to consider when buying blinds, outside mount and indie-mount. Outside-mount blinds hang outside all the lists and trimmer and inside-mount blinds hang inside the window trim. When measuring for outside mount blinds measure outside of all trimmers and lists. If there is enough room for that inside-mount blinds action within all lists. Check measurements twice before going to the store. Buy your new blinds. There are several textures and styles blinds to consider. Roll up shades and Roman has come in dozens of different colors. Bamboo blinds are great for privacy and fit almost any decor. Hang your blind’s use of closed hardware and instructions from the manufacturer.

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Decorate a 3 season porch windows with flower boxes. Measure your window. Add 4 to 6 inches on measurement to create a balanced look. Small altankases look sick standing next to large windows. Buy altankases at a garden store or online. Create an easy old world look with iron altar boxes or cottage charm with tree ones.


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