Deck Block for Enclosed Front Porch


Enclosed front porch – is a great place to entertain family and friends. The use of tire blocks makes a floating foundation tire system. With this system there is no digging or cement that has to be poured. This system also gives you a way to build a closed porch without attaching to existing houses. The do-it-yourself handcuffs can use tire blocks instead of feet for the new enclosed porch making additions a lot easier. Remove the grass from the area that the tire supplied will cover. A soda mill works great for this step. Remove the top layer of the ground to a depth like when the deck blocks are set to the ground and a 2-inch with 6-inch pressed card placed over them, they will be an inch below the height of the house threshold. Use a tape measure to check the height.

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Deck block for an enclosed front porch. Place tire blocks so that they are 16-inches apart between each row. The blocks must also be 24 inches away from each other along the length of each row of the 2 inch x 6 inch ceiling beam. Place the rules in the slots of the deck block. Use a 4-foot carpenter level to level all blocks so the tire will be level in both directions. A flat-leaf spade works best to remove the soil so that you can level the blocks.

Deck block for an enclosed front porch. Carefully remove the blocks one row at a time and roll out a layer of landscape fabric to cover the exposed soil. Check the blocks again as you replace them across the landscape fabric to make sure they are level. Push out a layer of gravel all over the ground to keep the landscape fabric in place and allow for proper drainage under the new foundation. Use a rake to level the gravel to approximately a depth of 3-inches around concrete deck. This will help keep grass and weeds from growing under the new veranda.

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