Cute Front Porch Hanging Light Fixtures


Front porch hanging light fixtures – You’ll just need some recycled cans, like fried tomatoes or any canned food, but preferably they’re wide. You will also need some templates with the drawings of points that you like, which you will have to temporarily attach them to the cans and work on it (you can get them online or in any craft store). We advise you to give them a painting hand, for a better finish. To make the holes, you can use nails and a hammer, or if you have a drill, with a fine drill you can make them as well and finally it will be to place a wire so that you can be a lantern, to be able to hang it from anywhere.

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Front porch hanging light fixtures made with rope. Perfect if you like a different and unconventional lighting. Although these lamps are of design and you can buy them here, we are going to take the idea and try to create ours. You will need a couple of meters of this type of cord not very thick, (surely of some move you have by house) and also a pair of light bulbs with its cable and lamp holder. We start from top to bottom and wind the cord of the light bulb with the cord to the end of it. With the help of white glue, you can attach the sides. Take advantage of the fringes of the rope to cover the lamp holder and ready, all we have left is to decorate to taste or leave it like that.

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Keeping track of changing coins, keys and other assorted small items is made easier when you have different places to put them to stay organized. Small front porch hanging light fixtures can be used as flasks, so to speak, to garden these small items. You can keep the nuts, bolts, nails and screws in assorted lighting fixtures to keep in your terrace.


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