Copper Porch Light Install


Copper porch light Рis a great way to illuminate your walkway and landscape. A snubbed homeowner can install outdoor lighting on a weekend. Designing a low-voltage system takes some planning, however. Calculate which types of light to buy, and where you want to place them, is crucial for a successful project. Purchased a low voltage light transformer that has a wattle output higher than the total watt of all the luminaries you will install. Keep in mind future expansion when selecting a transformer. Place the transformer next to the power outlet that you will use, but do not connect it yet.

Place copper porch light in the desired positions. Make sure the first luminary is at least 10 feet from the transformer. The space lights for roads or sidewalks approximately eight to 10 feet apart. Keep lighting at least 10 feet from water features or fountains. Turn on the fixture closest to the transformer and put the cabling that came with lighting kits on the ground next to each luminary. Dig a 3-inch deep dike next to the cable with a garden spade. Place the cable in the ditch, leaving plenty of slack at each end of the cable.

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Press the “T” connector on the cable in the center of the drive. Insert the plug into the cable so that its pin pierces the insulation of the cable. Connect another long cable to the remaining connector of “T” in the same way, and then run this cable back to the transformer. Strip 1/2 inch of the insulation on the cable closest to the transformer with a wire stripping. Connect the blank wires to the terminal screws on the transformer, and then tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Connect the transformer power cord to the wall socket. Insert the plug of each copper porch light into the cable in the ditch, to ensure that the pin in each connector pierces the insulation on the cable. The luminary should be lit if it is properly connected.

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