Concrete Porch Window Systems


Porch window systems – Concrete provides a strong and stable structure for holding window frames in place, but the frames themselves can not be set directly on the concrete surface. Instead, you will need to create a frame between the concrete and the window frame, providing a flat surface that can screw the window frames into place. Creating frames is not a difficult process but requires careful detail work to ensure that the frame is equipped fairly well so only minor adjustments are required during the installation process.

Porch window systems, measure the width of the well window as well as the depth of the well from the inside edge of the well than the outer edge well using a tape measure. Cut two 2-by-10-inch boards to fit the measured width of window pits using a circular saw. Cut the boards lengthwise to adjust the depth. Place one of the gaskets along the bottom of the window well so that the gasket is flush with the inside and outside edges of the window. A carpenter level at the top of the board and adjust the board so it is level. Slide wooden wedges under the board to hold in level position. Drive concrete nails through the base board of the window with a hammer. Space the nails every 5 inches along the length of the board.

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Put the second joint against the top of the window well and repeat the leveling process with the wood joiner and level wedges. If you are setting up an exit porch window systems, cut and place a second table against the first one at the top of the well to provide additional support. The second area should run the entire length of the well as the first and spliced ​​directly underneath the first to make a double thick headboard along the top of the window well. Instead of nails the best boards with concrete nails spaced 5 inches apart.


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