Change mid Century Modern Porch Light


Mid century modern porch light – Whether you want to update the look of your existing porch light, or you need additional outdoor lighting in front of your home, you can install porch lighting for about an hour. If your current lamp is several years old, it may be necessary to install a waterproof seal to protect your electrical wires from rain, snow and ice. The waterproof seal prevents water from penetrating the area behind the lamp, and it’s a good upgrade to do when you change a porch light

Find the appropriate switch that supplies power to the area where you want to install your new light stand. Turn the switch off to avoid electrical shock when working with electrical wires. Make sure no current flows through the electrical circuit that uses a voltage test. Remove the bulb from your existing mid century modern porch light. Place a branch of your tension tests on gold threads into the light socket, and then the other branch on the metal tab at the bottom of the light socket. Check the voltage tests screen to ensure that the needle on the display does not move, indicating that there is no power running through the wires.

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Screw the screws that hold your existing light stand against the wall and pull it away several inches to expose the wires. Grab the wire nuts used to connect the wires from your existing porch lights to wires in your electrical box on the side of your house. Unscrew wire nuts and wrap them off wires to disconnect wires. Connect the wires from your electrical box to wiring in your new porch light stand. The ground wire in your electric box will be either a bar copper wire or a green wire. Wrap this cord around the green screw in your new mid century modern porch light, and then tighten the screw to secure the wire.

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