Brass Porch Light Fixtures with an Antique Bronze Finish


Making brass porch light fixtures¬†– with an antique bronze finish only takes a couple of minutes, but can change the entire appearance of a room. Bright brass finishes look grille in an otherwise understated room, while an antique bronze finish blends with subtle elegance. Change the bright, sometimes screaming finish of the builder’s brass to an antique bronze finish with antique solution. It is a correction that changes the entire appearance of the lamp and prevents the replacement of expensive light fixtures

How to make brass porch light fixtures with an antique bronze finish. Take rubber gloves and ice some paint remover on a piece of fine steel wool. Buff brass luminaire with steel wool and lacquer remover for strip off the protective clear lacquer on brass. Wipe excess paint remover. Fill a plastic bowl of ten parts lukewarm water and some antiquing solution. Make sure the lamp is unplugged and remove all the external hardware and bulbs, then lower the stand in antique solution and agitate to remove any air bubbles that can give an uneven antique. See the color of the brass elaborate and remove the luminaire when the color tastes. Rinse the luminaire under running water to remove antiquing solution, so the luminaire completely dries to prevent continued darkening of brass.

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Then to make brass porch light fixtures with an antique bronze finish. Fluorescent light recessed lighting kit gives soft light. They are ideal for use in kitchens, laundries and garages due to their lack of hard shadow effects. Brass porch light fixtures and fluorescent lamps give a modern look to modern kitchens. Fluorescent recessed lighting is often used in commercial premises and is available in a variety of sizes and envelopes, including brass.


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