Best Front Porch Steps


Front porch steps – are good addition to the front or behind any house. While the brick or wood is perfectly fine, certainly the most handsome material for a patio is slab. Construction of a basic patio of this type is relatively simple. It requires a concrete foundation that is relatively easy to pour, and from there the skills are identical to placing a gateway flagstone. Concrete mold with a hammer and nails. You can do this by building 1 by 4 or 2 by 4 square or rectangle of wood. Then nail a diagonal strut from one corner to another to provide rigidity to the shape. Mark an area of ​​land the same size as the stake mold and remove all vegetation.

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Inspect to see if the floor is level put the mold in the work area and placing a level on it. If it is not leveled, the ground will have to be leveled by adding more dirt with sabotage of the shovel and dirt. Add dirt and continue checking the leveling until the mold is level on all four sides. Hold the mold by nailing stakes two to four flush against its side. Do not put as much stress on the bending wood. You want to fix it, not deformation. Remove the previously used cuttings to mark the area front porch steps.

Front porch steps, dig a trench around the inside perimeter of your mold. This trench should be 4 or 5 inches deep and approximately the width of the blade head. Use an old concrete truck and then pour into the mold by pouring on the side. Fill the framed area to a depth of approximately 2 inches below the mold edge. Lay four sections of steel rod into the concrete around the perimeter, about 2 to 3 inches from the wet mold. You must cut the rod so that it overlaps slightly and should be fixed by tying with steel wire at the corners. Summarize the fill area with concrete, stop approximately 1/2 an inch from the top of the mold.

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