Beautiful Sun Porch Ideas


Sun porch ideas – Put plants on your son’s porch. The sun’s entrance, by nature, receives a lot of sunlight. This makes them an idea place to grow plants. Potted plants and seasonal annuals will all thrive in the warm, greenhouse-like environment of the sun porch. Consider creating a growing area on your son’s porch where you can cultivate herbs and start cuttings planted later in your yard. All the green areas in your sun porch will add to the cozy, relaxed feel of the room. Nice up your sun porch by adding other room accessories. Adding a water feature, such as a small table top and wall fountain, will create a relaxing environment and enhance the natural atmosphere created by the plants.

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The sun porch ideas are also a fun place to show other wall art pieces like metal sculptures. Decorative and functional barometers and thermometers are also interesting conversation pieces that can trigger any sun porch. Convert a rustic front porch to a warm and inviting room to entertain friends and family members or relax with a book. Improve the outdoor space with furniture and interior design products designed to withstand the elements. Before decorating the porch, you can decide on a design theme to create a coherent look. As an eco-friendly touch, recycle vintage pieces in useful and decorative elements.

Install the sun porch ideas lighting elements. Hang wrought iron sconces on the wall over the living area with lighting while reading or visiting with friends. Suspend pulsating Chinese paper lanterns from the porch ceiling to add a pop of color to the room. Fill antique tin lanterns with quad light or candle candles and put them on a side or coffee table. Decorate porch with living green plants to provide a smooth transition from your home to the farm. Fill empty porch corners with tall tropical plants in the woven bamboo holders. Place cactus and other hardy plants in rustic terracotta jars and put them on the porch shelves and tables. Show freshly cut garden blooms or wild flowers in wood or copper vases.

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