Bamboo Porch Shades Design Ideas


Bamboo porch shades – If you’re looking for a cheap, unique and elegant way to decorate the windows around the house, bamboo shades can be the answer. Bamboo flavors can give a completely different look than most ordinary plastic curtains. An advantage of bamboo to shades is that the sunlight can close completely and when it opens it can reflect the light to give a very natural light. Here are the basic steps to making your own bamboo colors to make your usual home an island

Cut bamboo. This step is only necessary if you work with hard bamboo. If you have purchased shades that have already been cut in shape and treatment, you can proceed. If you use rough bamboo, you must cut the pieces in the basics that you want to form later. Be sure to measure the window you are looking for to see that bamboo porch shades are the right size when you travel. Clean the bamboo. If you have the basic shapes instead of your bamboo shades, you should have scales and bamboo in the skin. Then mix the powder sulfur in a solution to pull bamboo pieces to completely disinfect them. The disinfection phase must be around 12 hours

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The next step in the process depends entirely on the weather. You need a lot of sunlight to dry the blinds. If possible, bamboo porch shades, so it dries faster. If you can not blow up on a flat surface where they are in full sunlight. The time they need to stay in the sun depends on which bamboo you use; it will be a couple of hours. Then after bamboo has dried you must apply the glue to joining the pieces so that you can put them in the pneumatic press. Shades can be very rough on this point if necessary you can sand shades down to a smooth surface before applying the coating to protect them.

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