Awesome Vinyl Porch Enclosures


Vinyl porch enclosures – A porch can serve as a way to enjoy the outdoors. However, shielded porches are only functional in beautiful weather, as winter can make porch too cold to be used. Winter storage a heavy vinyl patio can help turn your porch into a warm room that can be enjoyed in all weather. You can fashion the heavy vinyl fabric in panels that are easy to install and bring with changing weather. Calculate how many vinyl slices you need by dividing the perimeter measurement of your veranda with the width of vinyl fabric, and then add an additional panel. If your porch’s perimeter measures 240 inches (20 feet) and vinyl measures 60 inches you’ll need five panels: 240 divided by 60 equals 4, plus the extra panel.

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Vinyl porch enclosures calculate the amount of heavy vinyl fabric you need by multiplying the number of panels you need by the height of your veranda. If you need five panels and your veranda is 8 meters long, then you need 40 meters of vinyl fabric. Cut vinyl fabric in lengths equal to the height of your porch. For a 20 foot wide 8 foot porch, with 60-inch vinyl. You end up with five panels that are 8 feet tall and 60 inches wide.

Vinyl porch enclosures, install snap-in stud screws along the header at the top of the shielded area. Snap stud screws look like the lower half of a kick but with an attached screw. Install the snap in stud’s screws by screwing them in wood or metal head, with a star screwdriver, distance them 6 inches apart along the entire circumference. Hold one of vinyl fabric panels up to the stud studs, overlap the snap studs screws one inch. Select the screw stud locations on vinyl with a marker. A second person may be useful at this point, so you can keep the fabric up and the other can make the mark.

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