Awesome Front Porch Hanging Light


Front porch hanging light – lanterns are light that hangs from a decorative chain. They add to the overall style of the home, and provide the function of safety and security by being a well-functioning light for the porch area. Hanging these lanterns resembles other outdoor lighting, but you will have to adjust the chain to the length you need for your porch so that it is at the correct height.

Ideas front porch hanging light. Face the circuit breaker and turn off the power to the porch. Climb a ladder and remove the old light from the porch. Use a drill to remove the screws. Keep light with one hand so it does not fall. When it is loose, fix the drill and twist the wires that connect it to the housing. The old light set aside. Hook the lantern into the end of the chain. The chain is attached to the base plate, which will be screwed into the ceiling on the porch. Do not worry about connecting the wires yet.

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Hold the base up to the ceiling where it will be fixed and look at where the front porch hanging light. If you want a better idea of ​​its location, someone else will keep it while you stay on the ground and look at it. If it’s going to be shorter, take some of the links out at the end, hook on the lamp. You need some pliers to tear them apart. Unhook lantern from the chain. Fold out wires that are at the bottom that ceilings. Connect these wires to the house wiring in the ceiling. Twist the wires together, and make sure to attach as colored wires. White goes with white and black goes with black. Earth wires can be either plain copper or green coated. Grab the electrical tape around the twisted connections and then screw on the wire nuts.

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