Amazing Farmhouse Front Porch


Farmhouse front porch – Animate the porch with colorful plants and flowers. Often a modular porch can be small, to create a miniature garden in small outdoor containers. Containers do not require an abundant amount of plants but are able to provide a vibrant addition to the porch. Robust, perennial flowers require a one-time plantation to return year after year. Create a focal point for the modular house with the planting of a shrub or tree dwarf as a Japanese maple in a large boat. Put the maple on the corner of the porch to create a focal point for space. Flowerpots such as hydrangeas offer a classic touch to space and abundant blooms that are ideal for fresh flower arrangements. They flank the porch entrance with evergreen shrubs to create a stately entrance and color throughout the year to the modular home.

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Jazz up the farmhouse front porch with a fresh coat of paint. Choose a color that coordinates with the exterior of the modular home to create a consistent design. Deep gray-blue colors are classic and timeless colors that match a wide range of page colors. Curtains of the same color as the modular house connects space to create a unified design. Deep, rich shades of green connect the natural element to the porch while blending into space. Navy blue instantly wears a porch floor and creates depth. Dark colors like navy blue also help camouflage dirt and debris, an added bonus.

Customize the modular farmhouse front porch with outdoor decorative accessories such as outdoor lighting. A string of outdoor lights chained around potted shrubs creates a magical sense of space. Solar lining from the entrance to the porch provides a soft light greets you as you enter and exit the space. Incorporate color and pattern with rugs and outdoor cushions. Decorative cushions resting on seats as an outdoor bench adds a level of comfort to the porch. Smooth the space with a jute or sisal rug to bring in a natural design for the outdoor, weatherproof porch. Upgrade the porch and give a touch of style to the home page with new hardware such as decorative house numbers and a mailbox.

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