Alternatives Columns for Porch Ideas


Columns for porch – Having a front or rear porch is a gift to all homes. A veranda gives you an outdoor space, protected from rain or sun, where you can enjoy the fresh air in relative comfort. Unlike a deck or patio, a porch has a ceiling, which makes it necessary to have some form of support structure to hold the ceiling. While some verandas use columns, other options are available. Porch posts are probably the most common option for columns. Like columns, posts give you strong structural support from ceiling to floor. But unlike columns, posts are essentially square or rectangular shaped posts, and do not have the rounded edges typical columns. Posts can be made on a variety of materials to match or contrast your house any way you want. For example, wood is a commonly used material for posts, which are bricks. Both of these materials give you strength and an aesthetically pleasing look. Posts are simple enough that you can add decorative details to the top or bottom of them to enhance their appearance.

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For a house of rural quality or to increase the forest atmosphere in your own house, using parts of a tree instead of columns for porch is a wise move. Use large branches, logs or full sections of tree trunks to act as your support elements. You can send them soft and add a stain to enhance the natural color, and apply a layer of finish for extra shine. Alternatively, leave them rough and raw, to give the patio a rugged, country feeling.

Alternatives to columns for porch. To give your veranda a earthy, completely natural look that is strong, durable and requires a little maintenance, consider using stone as your primary building material. Stack the stones to create your structural support pillars, with a combination of stone and mortar. You can choose stones in a variety of colors and shapes to give your pillar a more eclectic look, or you can keep them all uniform for a more structured look.

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