Adding a Porch to a House Ideas


Adding a porch to a house – Give the house a real lift. A trunk or a wooden deck can create an inviting porch in front of the house or why not put a wooden deck on the source floor. Build different levels of wooden deck in your garden, with framing trees and other plantations. Perfect for barbecue evenings and parties. In this leaflet we give you handy advice that will get you started. You start by digging holes that extend to frost-free depths, usually about 60-90 cm. Depth depends on the type of substrate you have and where in the country you live. Your construction food trade will help you.

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Adding a porch to a house, you manufacture a wooden pallet, which you then made a bottom plate. Install the corrugated cardboard pipe. Before the concrete is stuck in the bottom plate, press down a corrugated cardboard pipe. Fill with macadam and filling gravel around the pipe up to ground level. Now it’s time to mold the plinth itself. Fill the concrete and arm by cutting down a pair of reinforcement bars.

Adding a porch to a house, to attach the flooring to the plinths, it is advisable to attach an anchoring iron. Attach a board to the iron and let it rest against the cardboard pipe so that the anchoring iron is fixed in the correct place until the concrete has dried. Trusses should be cast at a distance of 80-120 cm depending on the dimension of the trellis and rule you choose. For example, 22 mm trellis. Should have a rule where the floor beams are at a cc distance of 40 cm. Appropriate space in this case is 80 cm. Seat brackets are collapsed in the ground with the same distance as for the cast-iron option. Thus, 80-120 cm cc. Floor tiles or beams should be 40 cm in diameter if you choose a 22 mm lane dimension.

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