Adding a Front Porch Ideas


Adding a front porch Рis like a large balcony that stands on the pillars. The porch is well suited for houses in the salt terrain and where the ground slopes steeply after the house. A porch should be fitted with a steady fence so that children or adults can tear over the edge. The most common option for a porch is to create a wooden deck a short distance above ground level. The wooden deck has been laid out. When the wooden deck is not so high, the same requirement is not made that the fence (if any) is stable enough to protect people from falling. It is up to an altitude of up to a half meter. For that reason it does not hurt with a railing. It also makes the porch beautiful. A wooden deck cheap and easy to build a tree deck at ground level.

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The location is important for the adding a front porch to be a place to enjoy. Many wish for evening sun on the porch. At the same time it should be easy to get to and from the kitchen. It is also nice if the patio is insecure and at best it looks like a nice view. It is possible to build a wooden deck or a number next to everywhere around the house. Nowadays, there are those who build wooden deck with porch racks around their entire house, but in order to make the wooden deck really functional, it is more important than placement with size. A too big porch does not look harmoniously out of the house, but “takes over”. An option that is a bit freer is to put a wooden deck out in the garden. The wooden deck may not necessarily be completely adjacent to the house.

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Adding a front porch is usually constructed of pressure-impregnated wood, cedar wood or larch wood. The pressure impregnated wood is cheapest and durable. On the other hand, it also contains a lot of chemicals and is therefore not very environmentally friendly. Cedar tree is a common alternative thanks to its natural resistance to root. It is a beautiful wood, but all cedar wood sold in Sweden is imported.


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